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Boutaghrar loop to Boutaghra
Dades gorges to Todgha gorges
Boumalne to Imilchil
Great Atlas crossing: Telouet to Imichil
M'goun oasis
Toubkal summit (4168m)
Crossing Berber villages: Dades gorges to Kelaa M'gouna
Crossing: Kelaa to M'gouna valley (Ait Bougmez) through the M'goun gorges
Roses valley Dades valley
M'goun gorge Amjegag gorges

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Haut Atlas  M’Goun

Explore the desert and leave your mark
Give yourself an unforgettable desert experience, discovering breathtaking landscapes and soaking up the Saharan atmosphere. Leave your footprints in the sand, as the evening wind will erase any marks of passage, preserving the integrity of the desert landscape.

Your adventure begins with a drive down to Mhamid, following the ribbon of the Drâa palm grove. You'll be struck by the striking contrast between the green of the irrigated crops and the ochre tones of the desert. You'll have the chance to hike among the colour-changing dunes, with the silhouettes of camels and hikers projected in shifting shadows. You'll also discover the traces left by the desert's discreet inhabitants, such as lizards, insects and fennecs, who tell mysterious stories in the sand, like hieroglyphs to be deciphered.

Highlights of your experience include sunrise and sunset, which offer a breathtaking spectacle as the horizon changes from brilliant orange to dark purple. At night, you'll have the chance to admire a sparkling starry sky, brighter than ever.

This trip offers pre-planned or personalised itineraries to suit different traveller profiles, whether you're a family, a hiking enthusiast or an experienced walker. The ideal season for this experience is from October to May. You will be accompanied by a professional guide and provided with all the necessary logistics, including camels, a cook and tents. The trip lasts 8 days, and you can be picked up from Marrakech with a slight change to the itinerary. The price for a group of 4 or more is €560 per person.

Here's an overview of the proposed itinerary:

Day 1: Welcome at Ouarzazate airport and transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2: Morning departure by 4×4 to Foum Zguid. Cross Zaouïat de Sidi Abdenebi, meet the camel team in Zaouiat, then start the trek to Erg El Ghoul. Dinner and overnight in a bivouac at Erg el Ghoul.

Day 3: Crossing the sea of dunes of Erg El Ghoul. Dinner and overnight in a bivouac in Mhazil.

Day 4: Arrival in the pastures of Daïet Chegaga at the foot of the red dunes. Dinner and overnight in a bivouac towards Ebbidlya Lakbira, at the foot of the great Erg dune.

Day 5: Head east, crossing Dayat Chegaga and the Fibule dunes, then the Njakht reg to reach the outlet of the Oum Lalag wadi. Dinner and overnight in a bivouac.

Day 6: Walk along the dunes of Erg Smar to Oued El Attach (thirst river). Then on to the Bouguerne dunes. Dinner and overnight at the bivouac.

Day 7: Meet the all-terrain vehicles in Bouguerne. Return to Zagora via M'hamid. Lunch. Then, in the afternoon, return to Ouarzazate via the Drâa Valley. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Transfer to airportt.

Let yourself be tempted by this unique desert adventure and create unforgettable memories. For more information or to book your trip, please contact the organisers.

Other circuits

Hike along the trail of a thousand Kasbahs
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: panoramic views over the entire valley, kasbahs, fruit trees, visits to ancient kasbahs, traditional costumes, medicinal and poisonous plants, migratory and sedentary birds, caves,...

Boucle Bougmez à Bougmez par sommet de M'goun 4068 m
Duration: 15 days
Discoveries: nomads and very beautiful villages, oleander forest, plain, magnificent passages, shepherds, confluence of two oueds, valley, cliffs, caves, gardens, gorges de M'goun, plateaus, passes, herds , fields

Boucle Boutaghrar to Kasbah Assafar
Duration: 7 days
Discoveries: clay region, folklore and traditions, M'goun ascent, Kasbah Assafar, M'goun gorges best tourist sites in Morocco

Dades gorges to Todgha gorges loop
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: dades valley, dromedaries, palm groves, architecture, Msmrir village, nomads in tents, todghra gorges, sheepfolds, kasbahs, herds, beautiful landscapes,...

Trakking happy valley Tabant to the valley of roses kasbah assafar
Duration: 7 days
Discoveries: rock engravings, architecture, village of Megdaz, Berber villages, Raat tower, forests, villages

kasbah assafar rose valley in Imilchil
Duration: 9 to 12 days
Discoveries: valley in the middle of the high atlas through rivers with fresh water, passes, troglodyte habitats, Berber nomads Ait Hdidou, plateaus to pastures, lakes tislite and isli (the bride and groom) a century of legendary history

Gorges Todgha
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: pigeon caves, semi-arid plateau, springs, gorges todghra, magmatic rock, panoramic view, palmerie14 km,...

Grande traversée de l'Atlas: Telouet to Imichil
Duration: 22 days
Discoveries: lakes (isli and tislit), forests, Tassauet valley, the ascent of M'goun 4068m, Ait Bougmez valley, beautiful village, gorges, villages, kasbahs, forests, herds, barriers between the Atlantic facade of Morocco and the great Moroccan south,...

Oasis of m'goun
Duration: 5 days
Discoveries: nomads, gorges and casbahs, clay region, greenery, oasis

Toubkal summit (4168m)
Duration: 8 days

<Toubkal summit and Ourika Valley
Duration: 15 days

Tabant to Ait M'Hmed
Duration: 8 days
Discoveries: Izourar natural lake, troglodyte habitats, magot monkey encounters, plateaux and pastures, passes, cathedral rock

Tassaout to Tabant
Duration: 12 days
Discoveries: rock engravings, ascent of M'goun (4068m), Ouzoud waterfall, spring, nomads, desert plateau, a beautiful granary

Tour de Raat (3700m)
Duration: 9 days
Discoveries: rock engravings dating from 4000 years before the birth of jesus christ, villages and panoramic views over the valley, alipe and umbrella pine forests ,wildlife, herds and Berber nomads

Crossing Berber villages: Dades Gorges to Kelaa M'gouna
Duration: 8 days
Discoveries: the southern slopes of the Atlas, clay, kasbahs, gardens, architecture, Berber nomads

Crossing: Boumalne Dades to Kelaa M'Gouna (Gite Assafar)
Duration: 7 days
Discoveries: Rose Valley, Dades Gorge, Herds, Anti-atlas, Kasbah, Saghro, Palm groves, Sacred spring, Costumes, Todgha Gorge, Plateaux

Crossing: Kelaa M'Gouna to M'gouna valley (Ait Bougmez) via the M'goun gorges
Duration: 7 days
Discoveries: valley of the roses, Berber folklore, dinosaur tracks
juniper forest, superb villages with casbahs, happy valley of ait Bougmaz, Arousse gorges, passes, nomads, waterfalls, M'goun gorges best tourist sites in Morocco, possibility of climbing M'goun (4068 m altitude).

Traversée: Vallée des roses (kasbah assafar) à Zauit Ahnsal
Durée: 7 jours
Découvertes: vallée des roses, folklores berbéres, source légendaire, forêt de pin d’alipe, gorge de M’goun, nomades, lac naturel de izourar, en rencontre des singes (magot),cols, habitats troglodytes, forêt de genévrier

Crossing: Gite Assafar (Rose Valley) to gorges agouti by boutaghrar
Duration: 3 days
Discoveries: rose valley, kasbahs, birds, gorges, plants (mugwort, thyme...), gardens, pass, villages

Crossing: Kelaa M'gouna to Tabant via the 2997m high pass
Duration: 7 days
Discoveries: valley of the roses, dinosaur tracks, kasbahs, nomads, traditions, Ait Bougmaz valley

Vallée des Roses
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: rose gardens in bloom (May-June), troglodyte dwellings, panoramic views, nomads, dromedaries, kasbahs, passes,...

Dades Valley
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: monkey's foot, panoramic view, traditional costume ,kasbahs ,waterfall, caves (stalactites, stalagmites), Miguirne Gorges,...

Visit the M'goun gorges
Duration: 2 days
Discoveries: valley of roses, Berber villages, Aguerzka gorges, M'goun gorges, Berber nomads,...

Tour of Amjegag gorges
Duration: 1 day
Discoveries: Berber villages, Ameskar waterfall, pink valley, mountain, kasbahs, ...

Trekking in Saghro Morocco - Hiking in Saghro Morocco
Period : From September to the end of May

Duration: 6 days, including 4 days' walking

Total duration: 22 hours' walking / 5 to 5? hours' walking per day.

Level: Medium.

Discover the Saghro Morocco Trek: a magnificent multi-day trek in southern Morocco, exploring the pre-Saharan Saghro massif. This massif has a special charm thanks to its exceptional geology, offering a wide variety of landscapes: immense, jagged plateaux, imposing cliffs, deep gorges, steep peaks, towers and tabular escarpments, where camel caravans cross. You'll also discover gorges adorned with boxwood bushes and conglomerate monoliths.

In this world bathed in warm light, the south wind announces the proximity of the Sahara. From September to May, we invite you to discover a magnificent region in the south of Morocco, the Saghro massif. Located in the Valley of the Roses, it is the last mountain before the Draa valley and oasis, as well as vast desert areas.

Trekking in Saghro, Morocco, will take you to discover Djebel Saghro, a volcanic massif rising to an altitude of 2,712 metres. You'll be amazed by its spectacular lunar landscapes, plateaux, peaks and canyons. You'll also have the chance to meet the Aït Atta tribe, famous for their transhumance, Bedouin tents and herds of goats.

6-day Saghro Morocco trekking programme:
Day 1: Marrakech - Tichka - Ouarzazat - Tagdilt
Morning departure for Ouarzazate via the Tizi N'Tichka pass. After discovering the Dades Valley and its thousand kasbahs, we continue south across a desert plateau to the village of Tagdilt. Overnight with local people at an altitude of 1650 metres. Journey time: 6 hours.

Day 2: Tagdilt - Col N'Iferd - Irefd - Plateau N'Ouarg (2250 m)
At the start of the hike, we watch the mules being loaded. We cross a huge plateau before gaining altitude to the Tizi N'Iferd pass (2400 m), offering a magnificent view of the central High Atlas massif. We then descend to the Iferd plateau and set up camp on this plateau, often used by the semi-nomadic transhumants of the Ait Atta. Overnight in tents at 2250 metres altitude. Walking time: 5 hours 30 minutes.

Day 3: Almou N'Ouarg - Kouaouck summit (2600 m) - Igli (1700 m)
We begin a fine ascent to the Kouaouck summit (2600 m), a climb that requires no particular technical skills. Our cook brings us a picnic lunch. We then descend via Tassegdilt and spend the night in tents in Igli, at an altitude of 1700 metres. Walking time: 5 hours 30 minutes.

Day 4: Igli - Afourar gorges - Bab n'Ali - Ighazzoun oasis
We descend the Afourar valley, which gradually turns into gorges. We pass the small oasis of Bouallouz, then arrive at Ousdidene. The landscape opens out onto a huge plateau dominated by the Bab n'Ali peaks. We climb up to the famous Bab n'Ali gate, then continue on to the Ighazoune oasis. Overnight in tents. Walking time: 5 hours.

Day 5: Oasis of Ighazoune - Tifdassine - Handour
Start at around 8:30am in the direction of the small Tifdassine pass. We then descend the beautiful valley of the same name. Lunch under the almond trees, then on to the village of Handour. Overnight in a local gîte. Walking time: 5 hours.

Day 6: Handour - Ighazoune - Agdez - Ouarzazate - Marrakech
After thanking our team of muleteers, we take a track to the town of Nkob, then to Agdez, before crossing the Tichka Pass. Lunch after the pass. Arrival in Marrakech in the early afternoon. Transfer time: 7 hours

Hiking Safran region, Djebel Siroua (3305m)

The Djebel Siroua (3305 m), an ancient volcanic massif, lies around a hundred kilometres from Marrakech, in the Sous valley. It links the High Atlas to the pre-Saharan Anti-Atlas range. Its chaotic landscapes stand in stark contrast to the neighbouring High Atlas: peaks of black, tortured rock contrast with vast expanses of grassland that blossom in spring, offering rich pastures. The Aît Ouaouzguite Berber villages at the foot of the massif share these mountain pastures to feed their herds. The stream-irrigated fields are home to barley, wheat, saffron and almond trees. When the snow eases off, we'll show you this wild and splendid region.

8 or 9 day itinerary (including 6 days walking) :

Arrival in Marrakech:
- 2 or 3 nights in a hotel:
- 1 night in a local's home:
- 6 nights in a bivouac:
9-day tour (including 6 days walking):
- 5 nights in a bivouac:
- 2 nights in a hotel in Marrakech:
- 1 night in a local's home.

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